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Monday, 19 December 2011

Some conclusions from the last 3 months

Because it's my blog and I can    

       Starbucks and McDonalds are everywhere
·         And after a few weeks you’re glad of that fact
·         Actually, the same goes for 7/Eleven
·         The best I’ve had so far is FergBurger
·         The best burger outside of that and Gotts in SF is found at The White Lady in Auckland
·         Rotorua does the best brownie ever
·         Kiwis obviously do the best junk food in the world, certainly they produce enough of it, but somehow none of them are fat. The same cannot be said for Marv and I after 3 weeks there
·         South Park has ruined cuttlefish for me forever
·         Hong Kong smells awesome
·         Kuala Lumpur does not
·         Beer isn’t as expensive in London as we think it is
·         Hangovers are always worse in 95% humidty
·         Every decent country drives on the left hand side of the road
·         Fiji is the most chilled out place in the world
·         Kava is probably 95% responsible for this
·         Never Scuba dive with a Swede having a midlife crisis
·         This goes double if he gets a shark tattooed on his foot shortly after returning to shore
·         Young female Asian tourists will always make the ‘peace’ sign in photos and grin inanely
·         This does not increase my feelings of peace towards them
·         The guy with the SLR camera will always be in your way
·         And you will always be in his
·         All Australia nightclubs use the same mix CD
·         Some hostels are better than hotels
·         You can eat like a king for £10 in all the best cities
·         Always travel New Zealand by bus
·         Price may not guarantee quality where food is concerned, but it usually guarantees good bathrooms
·         It doesn’t matter what the dominant religion is in a country is out here; they all still love Christmas
·         The popularity of the Singapore Sling at Raffles has ruined it. Ordering a Vodka Martini, on the other hand, is a solid choice here
·         I will miss the Satay Club

And finally….

·         I still have no clue what I want to do with my life

Merry Christmas folks!

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